Just lost electricity in part of my basement. Second, I have an additional outlet activated that has never worked, also in basement

Dave M

I have a bi-level house. It is partially wired with Alum. wiring. I would like to know how much (rough cost) to replace with copper wiring?

Thomas C

I have purchased a 12' x 14' cedar pavilion kit from Costco and would like to have two electrical outlets and a ceiling fan installed. This Pavilion is on my concrete pool deck. The nearest two power sources are 30 and 40 feet away respectively. One power source would require being sunk beneath the lawn between my pool equipment and the pool deck. The other would require running conduit from a patio outlet along a concrete retaining wall over to the site of the pavilion. I'd like a quote for this project.

David M

I have a problem with a circuit breaker that doesn’t trip but stops the electricity on that circuit. If I go out and tap on the circuit breaker the electricity comes back on line. Easy to get to external breakers.

David D

Need to have a gas dryer disconnected.

Danielle F

What is the estimated cost to remove a ceiling light and replace with a ceiling fan with light kit in a villa home in Center Gate area of Sarasota? Thanks, Ann

Ann W

Hi, I am just about to start a remodel in West Palm Beach... I will be requiring some electrical work & was wondering if I could have someone come by to give me a quote on the scope of work? Thank you

D. M.

We have 2 sets of flouresent lights in our Kitchen which has a vaulted ceiling. I have replaced the bulbs but the lights only come on dim or not at all. We would like to have them repaired.

Brian J

I have a few small jobs for an electrician. I recently installed kitchen counter tops without re-doing the back splash. Now, I would like under cabinet lighting to light the counter tops. I have four light fixtures (two in the garage and two outside) that don't work. One low voltage light needs attention.

Mark M

interested in an estimate for outdoor (landscape-type) lighting installation

Michele F